Printed on 2/19/16


Conservative Common Sense is my guiding philosophy on governing.

Times are tough and contrary to recent announcements by the Federal Reserve Bank, political pundits and Barack Obama, things are not getting better. Janak Joshi is the only candidate that will fight for your rights, properly.

In Washington and Denver, Democrats and supposed "conservative" Republicans are pushing laws and regulations that increase our debt, stifle job creation, and raise taxes. The worst of it all: our traditional family values are under attack. We are already seeing trickle-down effects of bad policy making and large government onto hard working families and small businesses. The private sector is the backbone of a sound economy, but it is only in the private sector that jobs have been lost. We are all paying the price for these irresponsible policies.

The proper role of government is to provide for the safety and security of the country and to protect the personal freedoms of individuals. Nothing more.

Jobs & The Economy


Colorado State Budget Deficit

Governmental Regulation on Small Business


Health Care Reform

2nd Amendment Rights

Immigration Reform

Traditional Family Values

Public Employees Retirement Fund

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Representative Janak Joshi
Colorado House District 16L