Printed on 2/15/16


A priority of the Democrat Legislature this year is to move Colorado to increase our renewable energy standard - the amount of power utility companies are required to generate from green sources - from 20 to 30 percent by 2020. This aggressive standard is the highest in the country.

We've already seen the loss in Colorado jobs as Gov. Ritter's the new Oil and Gas Commission rules restrict the number of drilling permits and discourage the discovery and capture of natural gas.

While alternative energy sources are worthwhile pursuing, it's foolish to abandon clean coal, natural gas and nuclear options. The regulation to leave these inexpensive and clean technologies will result in far higher energy prices for everybody. This will affect all consumers, but especially the poor and consumers on a fixed income.

We can maintain high standards for air and water quality without abandoning traditional energy sources and the businesses and jobs they create.

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Representative Janak Joshi
Colorado House District 16L