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"I am proud to endorse Janak Joshi for re-election. He's a thoughtful and intelligent legislator, and serves his district with integrity."

- Representative Kim Ransom (R), House District 44

What People Are Saying About Janak Joshi for HD16

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Endorsed by:

Colorado's Conservative U.S. Congressmen Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn

Conservative Colorado Senators:
Sen. Kent Lambert
Sen. Chris Holbert
Sen. Kevin Grantham
Sen. Kevin Lundberg
Sen. Tim Neville
Sen. Owen Hill

Conservative Colorado Representatives:
Minority Leader, Rep. Brian DelGrosso
Asst Minority Leader, Rep. Polly Lawrence
Minority Whip, Rep. Perry Buck
Rep. Justin Everett
Rep. Patrick Neville
Rep. Lori Saine
Rep. Steve Humphrey
Rep. Paul Lundeen
Rep. Dan Nordberg

Past Endorsements:

A Rating with the National Rifle Association

Endorsed by the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

Endorsed by the Housing & Building Association
"Dr. Joshi - Congratulations on your successful nomination to the Republican Primary Ballot in August and beyond! The Housing and Building Association's Political Action Committee (PAC) recommended and endorsed your candidacy to our membership.

"We appreciate your time and your commitment to this important job and very much appreciate your ongoing support of issues that are important to our members. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Ralph Braden, Jr., Chairman, HBA PAC"

Endorsed by the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition
The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition PAC Steering Committee, which makes the candidate endorsements for the PPFC PAC, considers many factors when deciding on an endorsement, especially in races where more than one candidate supports our right to keep and bear arms. Chief among these factors is how effective will that candidate be, when elected, in building coalitions and working with others to support or oppose legislation. It matters little how strongly a person feels about our rights if they cannot win others to their point of view. Janak Joshi is a member of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

Endorsed by the Colorado Republican Business Coalition.

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Representative Janak Joshi
Colorado House District 16L