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Health Care Legislation

Why I Want to Repeal the Hospital Provider Tax (but called a fee so you couldn't vote on it.)
by Rep. Janak Joshi
Jan 17, 2011

First of all I want to thank all the supporters of my successful campaign. And now to business not as usual.

The hospital provider fee bill (HB 09-1293)was passed forone main reason--to get money from the federal governmentthat we don't have. Hospitals are being charged a fee for in-patient and out-patient services that is matched with a temporary federal grant.

Then part of the sum total is kept to balance the state budget and the remaining part is distributed unequally among the hospitals.

The reasons for repealing it:
1. Every way you look at it, it is a tax and not afee. Thus, it was passed unconstitutionally.

2. It is nothing more than a redistribution ofincome. Taking money from rich hospitals- with a higher percentage ofinsurance-paying patients and giving to "poor" hospitals with a higher percentage of Medicaid and indigent patients.

3. Hospitals will pass this fee on to insurance companies, which will pass this on to consumers, who will ultimately pay for it.

4. By their own admission, HCPF told the Joint Budget Committee that if repealed, "there would be no immediate general fund impact" until Obama-care is implemented. That by itself is "iffy" at this point.

5. This bill has expanded Medicaid, which is detrimentalto the state budget. The matching federal grant is also ultimately paid for by tax payers. Colorado received less than a dollar for every dollar sent to Washington, so the grant is costing us more. What will happen when the federal matching grant goes away? More taxes?

These are just a few of the talking points but remember one thing: We all are paying for this with money that we don't have.

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Representative Janak Joshi
Colorado House District 16L