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Printed on 6/24/16

Janak Joshi, a proven conservative leader for House District 16.

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Current Headlines

Republican State Rep. Janak Joshi exposes millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on government lobbyists

"I have always wondered why does government need a lobbyist? That doesn't make sense. It's a waste of taxpayer money... We are here to serve the people of Colorado," Joshi stated.

House District 16 State Representative Janak Joshi, R-Colorado Springs, recently appeared on Fox 31 KDVR exposing over $9 million dollars wasted on taxpayer funded lobbyists. Rep. Joshi shows that this is a waste of money and only grows government at our expense... See the news story here..

State Rep. Joshi advocating for the families of House District 16 at the State Capitol

State Rep. Janak Joshi was instrumental in killing the controversial HB 16-1164 and protecting parental rights and privacy when it comes to immunization exemptions reporting by school districts to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. See the CBS 4 Denver story here.

Janak Joshi, the only conservative in this race.

Janak Joshi came to the United States 41 years ago with a dream, a suitcase and $100. With a mission to keep the American dream alive, he wants to secure a prosperous future for future generations through "conservative commonsense." Being a retired medical doctor and owner of his own private practice, he maintains an unmatched expertise in health care policy and small business issues that so closely affect you and your family. Janak pledges to continue be a forceful advocate for our founding values of freedom and responsibility.

As your Represenative, Janak Joshi Pledges to:
- Protect individual freedom
- Limit government intervention
- Roll-back regulation on small business
- Cut taxes and fees
- Defend TABOR
- Preserve 2nd Amendment rights
- Enforce legal immigration
- Protect the sanctity of life
- Champion health care choice
- Uphold private property rights
- Respect strong family values
- Promote personal responsibility

Janak Joshi, a retired physician, grassroots activist, and resident of Colorado Springs for more than 41 years, is the Colorado State Representative for House District 16 in northern Colorado Springs. Rep. Joshi would llove to connect with you personally to advance your issues in the legislature. Please let Janak know how to contact you below.

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Representative Janak Joshi
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